Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Others->World


Dynamic Point Light. This entity should only be used if a dynamic light is totally necessary. Too many of these entities can make your map lag a lot.


Initially dark (1)

If this is enabled, the entity will need to be triggered to work.


Brightness (light)

First three integer numbers are the color (RGB). The fourth number is the brightness.

Appearance (style)

0: Normal (Default)"

10: Fluorescent flicker"

2: Slow, strong pulse"

11: Slow pulse (No Black)"

5: Gentle pulse"

1: Flicker A"

6: Flicker B"

3: Candle A (Irregular Pulse)"

7: Candle B (Irregular Pulse)"

8: Candle C (Irregular Pulse)"

4: Fast strobe"

9: Slow strobe"

Custom Appearance (pattern)

Use a string of letters to provide a custom light style. The property allows you to enter a string of letters from a to z, representing brightness. If you entered 'abcdefghihgfedcba' then the light would go from bright to dim and back again and then repeat.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On -> Turn light On.

Toggle -> Toggle light.

Off -> Turn light Off.

Kill -> Destroy.

Sending Outputs