Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Monsters -> Others


Used to spawn monsters. If you specified multiple choices then a random monster will be chosen.


Start ON (1)

The monstermaker will start on and start spawning as soon as the map loads.

Hunt (2)

Makes the spawned monster actively seek out an opponent.

Cyclic (4)

Changes the monstermaker's toggle-behaviour to a single-fire-behaviour. With this flag set, the entity will spawn one time every time it is fired.


Target On Release (target)

Event to trigger when a monster is spawned.

Monster Type (newmonsterType)

1: monster_alien_grunt

2: monster_vortigaunt

6: monster_barney

9: monster_bullsquid

10: monster_cockroach

12: monster_gman

13: monster_headcrab

16: monster_houndeye

18: monster_human_grunt

25: monster_scientist

26: monster_sentry

27: monster_snark

31: monster_zombie

Monster Type (Second Choice) (newmonsterType2)

Monster Type (Third Choice) (newmonsterType3)

Monster Type (Fourth Choice) (newmonsterType4)

Monster Type (Fifth Choice) (newmonsterType5)

Category (monstercategory)

This controls if the spawned monster is an Ally or a Foe. The options are:

0: Default

1: Ally

2: Foe

Number of Monsters (monstercount)

How many monsters the monstermaker can create (-1 = unlimited).

Frequency (delay)

Delay, in seconds, between each monster being spawned. If 0, a new monster will only be spawned after the previous has been killed.

Max live children (m_imaxlivechildren)

Maximum number of live children allowed at one time. Spawnings will be suspended until a monster dies. A value of 0 means infinite (obviously not recommended if delay is too low and monstercount is infinite).

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On -> Turn spawner On / single spawn (Cyclic mode only).

Toggle -> Toggle spawner / single spawn (Cyclic mode only).

Off -> Turn spawner Off / single spawn (Cyclic mode only).

Kill -> Destroy (it won't kill spawned entities).

Sending Outputs

Target On Release (Toggle) -> On Spawn Monster.

KillTarget (Kill) -> On Spawn Monster.