Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Monsters->Foes


Grunts can wield different types of weapons and works in group to eliminate targets. Allied Grunts can be asked to follow the player. A Squad Leader Grunt is treated as a Commander and has more health than a default Grunts.


Keep Weapon (1024)

If enabled, the monster will not drop any weapons on death.

General Monster Flags:

Wait Till Seen (1)

Monster will have its AI disabled until it sees the player.

Gag (2)

Monster's idle sounds are muted at map start (until woken up).

SquadLeader (32)

Selec this flag if you want this monster to become a leader of the squad typed in "Squad name".

Random Rotation (64)

The monster will spawn facing in a random direction.

Wait ForScript (128)

If set, the monster won't react to anything after being spawned until it enters a scripted sequence.

Pre-Disaster (256)

Prevents player from using monster as their follower.

Hunt (2048)

Makes the monster actively seek out an opponent.


Use Sentence (UseSentence) | Used by Allied Grunts

Name of sentence to play when the player Use the monster.

Un-Use Sentence (UnUseSentence) | Used by Allied Grunts

Name of sentence to play when the player Un-Use the monster.

Weapons (weapons)

Choose which weapon the monster uses.

0: Random

1: Mp5

3: Mp5 + Grenades

8: Shotgun

10: Shotgun + Grenades

General Monster Keyvalues:

Path To Follow (target)

Name of the path_corner you want the monster to use to patrol.

Squad Name (netname)

Name of a squad for this monster to be part of. Monsters which share the same squadname/are in the same squad, will attempt to stay together and follow their squad's leader (monster with "SquadLeader" flag).

Trigger Target (TriggerTarget)

The event to trigger when the Trigger Condition is met.

Trigger Condition (TriggerCondition)

This controls the condition under which a monster will trigger its TriggerTarget. The options are:

0: No Trigger

2: Take Damage

3: 50% Health Remaining

4: Death

10: See Player

Category (monstercategory)

This controls if the monster is an Ally or a Foe. The options are:

0: Default

1: Ally

2: Foe

Chance of appearing (chance)

From 1-100, this is the chance that this entity has to spawn on the level.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

Kill -> Destroy.

Sending Outputs

Trigger Target (Toggle) -> On Trigger Condition Met.