Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Others->Others


When activated, this entity removes all the specified weapons from the player's inventory.




To specify what items you want the player_weaponstrip to remove from the player's inventory, you must turn Smart Edit mode off and add attributes. Enter the item's name as the KEY. For example, a key of "weapon_handgrenade" is going to remove all grenades from the player's inventory.

If you don't add any weapons to the attributes, all weapons will be removed.

These are all the valid item names:

1: weapon_glock

2: weapon_mp5

3: weapon_shotgun

4: weapon_crossbow

5: weapon_revolver

6: weapon_rpg

7: weapon_handgrenade

8: weapon_tripmine

9: weapon_satchel

10: weapon_snark

11: weapon_hivehand

12: weapon_crowbar

13: weapon_gauss

14: weapon_egon

15: item_longjump

16: item_suit

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On | Toggle | Toggle -> Strip Weapons.

Kill -> Destroy (only this entity).

Sending Outputs