Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Monsters->Corpses


Spawns a dead barney in any of three poses. Can be used for storytelling or atmospheric purposes, or simply as an explanation for a weapon or ammo pickup. To add blood to the scene, use decals. To create a dying barney, use a monster_barney and a scripted_sequence to make it play one of the dying animations, such as dying_barneyidle / dying_barney or almostidle / almost.


Wounded (1)

Spawns a corpse with wounds.


Pose (pose)

0: On back

1: On side

2: On stomach

Chance of appearing (chance)

From 1-100, this is the chance that this entity has to spawn on the level.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On | Toggle -> Gib.

Sending Outputs

Target (Toggle) -> On Gib.

KillTarget (Kill) -> On Gib.