Entity Type: Brush Entity

Category: Func


A brush entity, which receives damage from all normal damage sources, such as weapon fire, and can, eventually, break from it, spilling some debris/gibs in its place.


Only Trigger (1)

If set, this func_breakable will only break when triggered, even if its health value is set to '1'.

Touch (2)

If set, this func_breakable will break as soon as a player touches it. If a delay before fire is set, the func_breakable will wait for that to run out before breaking after a touch.

Pressure (4)

Brush will break when pressured (e.g. player walking on it).

Can be Targeted (Secondary) (8)

If set, this entity will be taken into consideration by the auto-aim only while using the aiming at the environment modifier.

Can be Targeted (Primary) (16)

If set, this entity will be taken into consideration by the auto-aim.

Instant Crowbar (256)

Whack it with a crowbar and it will break instantly (regardless of strength).

Explosive Only (512)

Can only be broken with explosives.


Strength (health)

The amount of damage the entity will take before breaking.

Material type (material)

Choose the material which matches what your func_breakable is supposed to be the most. The material type affects the func_breakable's sounds emitted when it takes damage, as well as which gibs are created when it is destroyed. If the material is set to 'Unbreakable glass', the func_breakable is, regardless of how funny that is, in fact, unbreakable.

0: Glass

1: Wood

2: Metal

3: Flesh

4: Cinder Block

5: Ceiling Tile

6: Computer

7: Unbreakable Glass

8: Rocks

9: Military

10: Medical

11: Tech

12: Concrete

13: Catwalk

14: Metal Plate

15: Chrome

16: Metal Barrel

17: Vent

18: Books

19: Office

20: Garbage

21: Web

Spawn On Break (spawnobject)

1: Battery

2: Healthkit

3: Glock

4: Glock Ammo

5: Mp5

6: Mp5 Ammo

7: Mp5 Grenades

8: Shotgun

9: Shotgun Ammo

10: Crossbow

11: Crossbow Ammo

12: Revolver

13: Revolver Ammo

14: RPG

15: RPG Ammo

16: Uranium

17: Hand grenade

18: Tripmine

19: Satchel Charge

20: Snark

21: Hivehand

22: Crowbar

23: Gauss

24: Egon

25: Long Jump

26: Suit

Item Maker (itemmaker)

The name of the itemmaker or itemmaker_random entity to trigger on break. (This will cause the itemmaker entity to spawn the item on this position regardless of the itemmaker position and will ignore if there was a previous item spawned by it).

Delay before fire (delay)

Delay between the func_breakable breaking and it actually firing its target. If the 'Touch'-flag is set, the func_breakable will break in the same moment in which it fires its target.

Explode Magnitude (explodemagnitude)

If greater than zero, the func_breakable will cause an explosion at its position when it breaks. The greater the magnitude, the more damage the explosion will cause.

Chance of appearing (chance)

From 1-100, this is the chance that this entity has to spawn on the level.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On | Toggle | Off -> Break.

Kill -> Destroy.

Sending Outputs

Target (Toggle) -> On Break.