Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Others->World


An env_shooter hard-wired to shoot gibs.


Repeatable (1)

If enabled, this entity can be triggered more than once.


Number of Gibs (m_iGibs)

Total number of gibs spawned per activation.

Delay between shots (delay)

The amount of time between the release of each gib.

Gib Velocity (m_flVelocity)

Speed at which gibs are released.

Course Variance (m_flVariance)

Defines how much each gib's path will vary from the normal.

Gib Life (m_flGibLife)

Time in seconds for a gib to hang around before it fades away.

Skin (skin)

0: Human Gibs

1: Alien Gibs

-1: Random

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

Kill -> Destroy.

Sending Outputs