Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Others->Display


This entity allows you to change the parameters of the "game" camera, such as pitch, rotation, and distance level. This only works with the isometric view.

You can use the console commands: cam_rotation, cam_pitch, cam_dist, and cam_position to test different settings.


Instantaneous (1)

Makes the change instantaneous without any blending.

Ignore Rotation (2)

Ignore Rotation.

Ignore Pitch (4)

Ignore Pitch.

Ignore Distance (8)

Ignore Distance.

Ignore Position (16)

Ignore Position.


Rotation (rotation)

This controls the Yaw of the camera. 0 = Reset Value.

Pitch (pitch)

This controls the Pitch of the camera. 0 = Reset Value.

Distance (distance)

This controls the distance between the camera and the player. 0 = Reset Value.

Position (position)

Sets the position offset of the camera. 0 0 0 = Reset Value.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On | Toggle | Off -> Apply new camera parameters.

Kill -> Destroy (it won't reset the camera parameters).

Sending Outputs