Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Others->Display


This entity allows you to chain up multiple dialogue_entry entities to define a dialogue that can be used by an env_dialogue or a scripted_sentence.




Entry Name (targetname)

The name of the first entry of the chain is the one that defines the name of the dialogue.

Subject Name (actor) | Used only by the first entry on the chain

The name of the actor (only for displaying purpose).

Color (color) | Used only by the first entry on the chain

First three integer numbers are the color (RGB). The fourth number is not used.

Text (message)

The text that the dialogue will show.

Sentence / Sound (sentence)

This defines which sound file will be played by this entry. This accepts an input of the form "path/filename.wav" (starting from the "sound" folder). (Example: "ambience/drips.wav"). The name of a sentence defined in sentences.txt will also be accepted with the form "!SENTENCENAME". (Example: "!HG_ALERT1")

Next Entry (nextentry)

Name of the next entry in the dialogue.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs


Sending Outputs