Entity Type: Point Entity

Category: Items -> Others


This entity allows you to spawn a fully functional retinal scanner that reacts to player use and can be used with a scripted_sequence. The scanner will automatically attach to the nearest wall and position itself correctly according to the floor level.


Player Access (1)

This allows the player to activate the scanner and trigger its target.


Locked Sentence (locked_sentence)

0: None

1: Gen. Access Denied

2: Security Lockout

3: Blast Door

4: Fire Door

5: Chemical Door

6: Radiation Door

7: Gen. Containment

8: Maintenance Door

9: Broken Shut Door

Chance of appearing (chance)

From 1-100, this is the chance that this entity has to spawn on the level.

I/O Reaction

On Receive Inputs

On | Toggle -> Start Granted Activation Sequence.

Kill -> Destroy.

Sending Outputs

Target (Toggle) -> On Granted Activation Sequence Ends.

KillTarget (Kill) -> On Granted Activation Sequence Ends.